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Now you don't have to go all the way to South Padre Island to get your genuine SOB gear and other cool stuff. We promise 100% satisfaction and a quick turnaround time. Have fun, help others have fun, and shop 'til you drop!



1. We accept VISA and Mastercard. To order using your credit card on our secure server, go here.

2. Texas residents: so sorry, but we need you to tack on a .825% sales tax

3. Be as specific (colors, sizes, etc.) in your orders as possible...and we will come as close as we can to filling them.

4. If you feel uncomfortable filling out the i-Check form, you can of course stick it in the mail. We ship as soon as the check clears.

5. Send aforementioned checks to SOB, Box 2694, SPI TX 78597

E-mail or call 956-761-6222 or 761-5943

Instructions: Click on the item name to find out more about it. Click on the price to puchase with i-Check. All prices include shipping to any place in the USA and taxes if applicable.

item description price (nonTX) price (w/TX sales tax)
pith helmet (white) 
pith helmet (tan)
pith helmet (customized by Amazin' Walter) 
s.o.b. sandcastle book
sandcastle carving tool set
book & tools
sandcastle lesson certificate
sandcastle greeting cards
jewelry or multiple items
fill in the amount
add 8.25% sales tax

Note: If you would like your purchase shipped to an address other than the one that appears on your check, please send us a quick e-mail that includes your name, item(s) and the address you would like us to ship to.

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