Sand Castles Step-by-Step

a book by Lucinda Wierenga with Walter McDonald

Illustrations by Alan Carrington

book cover 

July,1990: Published by Meadowbrook - 22,000 copies printed, distributed by Simon & Schuster

Dec. 1994: Out of print

April, 1995: Rights revert to SOBs

July, 1995: New York Agent expresses interest, no results

November,1995: Japanese publisher "Very Interested"

April, 1997: Best Buy ad starts airing; demand for sandcastle how-to book rises! Sandy feet goes into production mode (again.)

May, 1997: Japanese version published, 6,000 copies printed, one sent to possibly interested US publisher

Well, we can't read it but the book sure looks good! Lots and lots of pictures of us and our work - we are convinced this is an improvement on the original!

August, 1997: We have about 40 copies in stock which we will part with for $20 (plus $2 shipping in the US).

January, 1998: Sorry - we are completely out of the English version :-(

April, 1998: sandy feet working fast and furious on the layout with a self-imposed May 20 deadline looming on the horizon

May, 1998: It's been a busy year, but sandy feet's been hard at it and the new book should be available very soon!

Why isn't it done yet, you ask?

It's not done yet because... er, well... take your pick:

a. we've been spending too much time actually *building* sand castles
b. we've been too busy writing *about* the book on our web page to actually work on the book
c. Dunedog ate the zip disk we had it stored on
d. All of the above

August, 1998: It is DONE and available HERE! 

September 2000:

NEW! If you need this book RIGHT NOW you can download a copy on your home computer - save shipping and handling charges!

To find out how, click here!

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