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I just wanted to thank you guys for the rush delivery I received of your book and your tool set.I brought my new toys to Aruba with me. The sand there seems pretty good for sand castle construction. I had a tremendous amount of fun and aroused the interest of many others on the beach. I have to admit that my first attempt at building a castle was a miserable failure. I have however learned from my mistakes and look forward to my next attempt. I will send pictures of my first success. I am already contemplating and searching for other common tools which may come in handy.

Having fun in NYC, eileen lawrence

Take me to the Beach, a universal plea from little ones, loved ones and anyone stuck in traffic or a meeting. And once you're there, What to do with all that wet sand ??

Well the Sons of the Beach have answered the plea, and what to do with the sand on the beach. Build a beach front castle ( or condo ?) . Step by step info on how to build the castle of your dreams. And the why ? It's fun ! Way more fun than sitting in that meeting. Tell the boss about it when you get back.

It,s a great book (Do I get my pith helmet now ??)

-Bert Adams, master sculptor & contest organizer

I recall a day 40 summers ago when I tried to get you to put those tiny toes in the sand! You pulled up your legs . . . no sandy feet for you! Look at Sandy Feet now! All grown up, college graduate (Latin, minor?) former teacher, sand sculptor, computer wizard . . . and author. Dad (Wierenga) Feets, couldn't be prouder!

-Don Wierenga

This book was written by my sister, The Creative One. She must know something about building sandcastles, because people actually pay her to fly places like Japan and Italy to build them while us Responsible Ones stay home and write marketing copy.

-Debra Wierenga

As one of the leading professionals in the sport and industry of sand sculpting, I can highly recommend this book as one of the best ever.- and I have read a lot of really great sand sculpture books. Er, uhm... well, I mean I have read SOME great sand sculpture books. Ok, actually, I have read a few sand sculpture books & they were pretty good ones too. Well, really, I guess I only read one & it was ok. Oh all right forget it - I never read any sand sculpture books - including this one, but I 'm sure it is a dandy!

Two trowels up!

-Rich Varano

In an exhaustive comparative analysis of this epic with Melville's Moby Dick, I have found that this book takes up much less valuable space in your beach bag.

- Damon Farmer, Master Sandsculptor

It's unusual to recommend a book unread, but I've known the author longer than anyone else and she never ceases to amaze me. . . that's why I can say this is a great book.

-Virginia "Mom Feets" Wierenga

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