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Sandstackers™ Plastic Forms


sandstacker form

Lightweight self-fastening forms for packing sand - another handy tool for the beach lover ready to get serious about sand carving. One sandstacker form will give you a compacted cylinder of sand measuring 24" tall with a 14" diameter. You can also combine two or more to get a larger cylinder.

New! the perfect companion for your new form is a lightweight tamper

Sandstackers .... $19.95 each (plus s&h)

(Note: if combined with another items from the shop, these forms will arrive in a separate shipment. This item is sent US Priority mail and should arrive in 2-4 days.)

more info - including instructions on use

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This item is shipped USPS Priority Mail.

E-mail or call 956-761-6222 or 761-5943

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