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Fred's Tampers



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Lightweight PVC Tampers Pound Sand Amazingly Well! - another handy tool for the beach lover ready to get serious about sand carving - SoB Fred Mallett designed these for his own use and they proved quite popular amongst the master sculptors at last years SPI Sand Castle Days. Sandy feet won't leave home without hers -- and neither should you.

The Mini Mallett .... $30.00 (plus s&h) comes in two sizes (pictured at left -- 24" or 30" -- specify at checkout) and is an excellent companion for a sandstacker form

The Big Kahuna .... $80.00 (plus s&h) pictured at right -- delivers major sand pounding power. Join the enlighened few who understand that a tamper does not have to be heavy to do its job! Unscrews in the middle so you can pack it in a suitcase; features rounded corners for use in either square or round forms; built to last by Fred himself!

big kahuna

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These items ship via USPS Priority Mail. Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

E-mail or call 956-761-6222 or 761-5943

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