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SAND CASTLE Books and Greeting Cards


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coming soon... the sequel!

The SoB Sand Castle Book - $7.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Aimed at the beach person who has discovered that s/he can do cool things with wet sand and wants some shortcuts on how to do even cooler things with it....

Learn how to build a better sand castle - the SOB way! This 20-page booklet is crammed with easy-to-follow, illustrated tips and tricks that will have you building like the pros in just a couple of hours, including:

  • how to successfully attain altitude with wet sand
  • building structures - towers, walls and free-standing arches
  • how to carve those structures into recognizable castles, characters and other things
  • tips on how to make the best use of the SoB line of sand carving tools - or
  • how to find and make your own set of tools
  • how to make a "South Texas Snowball"
  • and lots more sand castle -related stuff!

more info - including sample pages & reviews

peace sand castle christmas cards

above: "peace on earth"
below: "noel"

noel sand castle christmas cards

Amazin' Walter sez: GET RID OF THEM!

HALF PRICE Sand Castle Christmas Cards - $6/box of 20 cards and envelopes (as is)*
(blank inside for your personal message)

*we'll be honest with you -- these envelopes have been around too long and may have to be pried or steamed open - that's why the cards are so cheap ;-)

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