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Can't decide which tools you need? See pics of SoB tools in action! (click here)


Add-a-book Option - Any tool set may be purchased with the SoB Sand Castle Book - save $2.00 off the regular book price!

Stainless Steel Carving Tools - for the beach lover ready to get serious about sand carving!

Starter Set -$15

Starter Set Plus - $27.00

Standard Set - $44.00

Delux Set - $66.00

Plastic Set - Great for Kids! - $15.00

All sets include these 3 basic tools:

modified pastry knife - the best basic carving tool

soft-bristled brush - for brushing away loose sand

blow tube with mouth piece and neck cord - for blowing away loose sand

Starter Set includes
  • pastry knife
  • brush
  • blow tube
  • big square

Starter Set - $15.00


Starter Set w/book - $20.00

(may substitute any other custom tool for diamond - specify at checkout)

Custom SoB Tools

diamond - surface detail

loop - scalloped edges, arched doors/windows

tiny trowel -small windows, detail

column - uniform columns

big square - doors, windows, stairs

small square - thin grooves, windows

Starter Set Plus includes

  • pastry knife
  • brush
  • blow tube
  • diamond
  • loop
  • big square

Starter Set Plus - $27.00


Starter Set Plus w/book - $32.00

(may substitute any other custom tool/s - specify at checkout)

Standard Set includes

  • pastry knife
  • brush
  • blow tube
  • tiny trowel
  • loop
  • diamond
  • column
  • big square
  • small square

Standard Set - $44.00


Standard Set w/book - $49.00

Any one of our custom carving tools may be purchased individually for $7 each. (Please specify which tool/s you want at check out.)

a la carte custom tool - $7.00

Delux Set includes standard set plus

  • tapered spatula
  • mondo spatula

Deluxe Set - $64.00


Delux Set w/book - $68.00

Additional Specialty Tools - a la carte

tapered spatula - great for faces, figures


mondo spatula - 12" of sand moving power!


Outfit the Gang!

Most people find that the modified pastry knife is the single most useful tool. You may purchase as many as you want for just $4 each (when ordered with one of the above sets.)

Additional pastry knives - $4.00/each

PLASTIC TOOLS - Great for the Kiddos!

plastic sand carving tools
"Can You Dig It" Plastic Sand Carving Tool Set

6 piece set with mesh bag and instructions...$15.00 (plus s&h) - details

with SoB How-To-Build Book....$20.00 (plus s&h)

Don't forget to order your "Sand Castle Wizard at Work" gear -- HERE!



Standard shipping is via US Priority Mail. Delivery usually takes 2-10 days. Eddie over at the SPI Post Office tells us that including the whole 9-digit zip code can shave a day or two off of that, but we don't know if he is pulling our collective leg or not.

More Options - choose at checkout

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Second Day
  • Fed Ex

E-mail or call 956-761-6222 or 761-5943

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