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North American Sandsculpting Competition • Virginia Beach Neptunefest

Sept. 23-26, 1999



My Piece



I am really excited about participating in this event - VB has not seen an SoB sculpture since 1987, when we took second place in the team division at our very first master class contest.

We were all a bit concerned about the impact that nasty ol' hurricane Floyd might have on this event, but were very happy to hear that the beach is still there and the contest will kick off on Thurs. as scheduled.

Update 10/3/99 - My intentions were good but I am sorry to report I am running low on time and motivation. If I had managed to find a sponsor I would have felt obligated to put more time into these pages, but it just didn't happen. So - have thrown a few new pics up in no particular order and with no cutlines or alt tags - sorry, but until I can find someone willing to pay, my contest pages are going to reflect this new bad attitude : - (


updated 10/3/99

1999 Master's Division
Solo Sculptors

  • Chuck Feld, Pennsylvania - 3rd Place
  • Alfred Flores, Texas
  • John Gowdy, New Jersey - 1st Place, Neptune's Choice, People's Choice
  • Art Knapp, New York
  • Ed Moore, North Carolina - 4th Place
  • David O'Brien, Virginia
  • Barry Swires, Washington
  • Robert Jordan, Pennsylvania
  • Scott Dosch, California
  • Robert Schacht, Virginia
  • Damon Farmer, Kentucky
  • Lucinda "Sandy Feet" Wieranga, Texas
  • Michel Lepire, Canada - 2nd Place

1999 Master's Division
Team Sculptors

  • Dan Doubleday/Meredith Corson, Florida - 3rd Place
  • Joe Maize/Tomas Beckman, Hawaii - Handstacked
  • Vern Cooley/Russ Leno/Jeff Benesi, Washington - 2nd Place
  • John Gruber/Greg Grady/Janet Coward, New Jersey
  • Rich Varano/Leonardo Ugolini, Florida/Italy - 1st Place, People's Choice, Architectur

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